On having a blog again

I am a little ambivalent about having a blog. I had one when it was still cool (I think), and gave it up, about 6 years ago. I’m not very good at being timely, and I really, really like having revision history easily available–Wikipedia has spoiled me. So I have a wiki I’ve been using for the writings and media I’ve managed to collect that I’m not too embarrassed to put on the web. I love the timelessness of wikis, and anything serious will get posted there so history is visible. But it’s nice to see something that indicates when the author was present, too. And with most of the people I communicate with using feedreaders and update monitors–or at least checking updates on social media sites–it makes it possible for me to write sporadically, not to feel pressured to dash off something miserable just to let everyone know I’m still here.

Now I want everything to have a feed… so it seems I should publish my own stuff as I want others to publish. And it seems a little bit ridiculous to be an open content advocate and keep most of my own stuff hidden away on my hard drive. (Yes, as the footer says, everything I post is licensed under CC-BY-SA, unless noted otherwise. If that doesn’t work for you, ask.)

Of course, I intend to cheat a bit and repost some things from my archives that I might have posted elsewhere. But you probably haven’t seen them. And anyway, if you’re expecting up-to-the-minute journalism, you’re probably in the wrong place…