Understanding other people

Sometimes I think I might understand a few other people, and then I try to figure out what they do and don’t think is funny.

Greg does not understand why a picture of Han Solo labeled “Keep Han in Hanukkah” is funny, even though he knows the “Keep Christ in Christmas” meme. It’s not that he thinks the joke is bad. (It is bad, obviously.) It’s that he doesn’t recognize it as a valid, well-constructed joke.

“But Han Solo doesn’t have anything to do with Hanukkah!”


“But that’s not funny. It would be funny if he was Jewish or had something to do with Hanukkah.”

“No, that would make it less funny.” (He responds with silence.) “You’ve seen ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’, right?” (He nods.) “So ha ha, the pattern doesn’t hold. It’s funny because it doesn’t work.”

“Harrison Ford is Jewish.”

“Han Solo isn’t. That’s not the point.”

“But that makes no sense! It’d be like for Kwanzaa… who’s that skater? It’d be like ‘Keep Kwan in Kwanzaa’. That doesn’t work. She’s Asian, right?”

An image search turns up several pictures of Michelle Kwan with the text “Keep Kwan in Kwanzaa“. And at this he admits defeat: not that he thinks it’s a joke, but that everyone else does, even if they are horribly, hopelessly wrong.

I wonder which one of us is supposed to be the weirdo.