Random play

I keep my music player on random play, usually, because it chooses things for me I didn’t even know I wanted. (And sometimes I skip tracks.) I enjoy following a quiet classical piece with electronica, or nerd rock with Eastern European folk. Yes, I may be mostly responsible for the death of the album.

While finding things I didn’t realize I was in the mood for or had forgotten I enjoyed is great, finding an unexpectedly good segue is like hitting the jackpot. Usually this requires they flow into each other musically; sometimes it is thematic similarity also. Here are some I like:

* “Are You Gone?”, Cranes, into “Black-Dove (January)”, Tori Amos
* “The Unanswered Question”, Charles Ives, into “Trust”, The Cure
* “Holding Out For A Hero”, Frou Frou, into “I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From”, Kings of Convenience
* “Milonga Triste”, La Nueva Guardia, into “Army of Me”, Björk
* “Enjoy”, Björk, into “Mimi Pinson”, La Nueva Guardia
* “Army of Me”, Björk, into “Army Dreamers”, Kate Bush

(What? I like Björk.)

Some people enjoy technology because it allows them to find exactly what they would like and keep getting more of the same. I enjoy having it break up my patterns, allowing me to find exactly what I wasn’t looking for but should have been.