I’m Kat Walsh, copyright/tech/IP lawyer, free software/free culture advocate, and musician. Sometimes I write things. Not often enough.

If this updates too infrequently for you, try an email. (And if you like, encrypt it: F31A E085 040F FD78 AF97 59E4 8AAC 08B2 52E5 F12F)

You can hire me! I was most recently counsel at Creative Commons, where I helped draft the 4.0 license suite. (Some other things I have been: chair of the Wikimedia Foundation, a tech policy analyst in DC, legal support for a small publisher, an online community manager, and a classical bassoonist. I am currently on the board of the Free Software Foundation.) I use my legal skills for good and don’t intend to compromise on that front, with a particular interest in figuring out how new technologies interact with old laws, and in supporting free and open creation and speech. I have a technical background and enjoy working with engineers, and can translate fluently between hackers and lawyers, as well as write (and speak) in terms everyday people can understand. Interested? Send me a message!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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