This Week in Law

OK, actually many weeks ago in law, because I am a terrible blogger.

I was a guest on This Week in Law #303 thanks to the cajoling of my friend and former colleague Sarah, who is a co-host of the show with Denise Howell. (She got me on IRC and tried to convince me it would be fun and I told her that I would be terrible. A few hours later she tried again and talked me into it! And the next morning we recorded.)

Lawprof Clark Asay and I are guests on this episode, “Charmingly Earnest, Yet Insufferable”, in which we talk about open source and free software, digital first sale, the Streisand effect, ebooks, privacy, drones, harassment, and the Startup Castle–the title pulled from one of my comments on the last item!

(Oh, geez, there’s a transcript. While I always appreciate the availability of transcripts for video/audio, I am not sure how my off-the-cuff rambling will turn out in text!)

And while you’re at it, you should also read Sarah’s thoughts on having been a talking head.

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