You know how it is: you go to update your blog with a new post and notice something is slightly broken, and really you should update your WordPress installation more than once every few years. So you update–or try to, which requires some fiddling around with the settings of the server you’re using (from your web host; you’re not crazy enough to DIY). OK, *now* you update, and now everything has gone blank. You search for why this could be and the possible fixes and you try them and they don’t work, and you try things that no one has suggested and they also don’t work, and you feel slightly embarrassed about even describing the mess you have gotten yourself into.

And really you just wanted to quickly adapt an email with an idea that could stand alone into a blog post, and now it has been far more than the 15 minutes you planned, and you have something else to do, and you don’t blog again for 2 years because fixing the problem is still on your to-do list.

You know how it is, right?

So here is a new post, again (on a completely fresh install rather than an upgrade). Maybe I’ll even put up the thing I had intended to publish the first time. And some of the rest of the two years of backlog.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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